A Different Kind of Theft

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Two suspects went on a spending spree, with $150,000 taken from the home of a Parkersburg doctor.

The Wood County Sheriff's Department says the estranged wife of one of the unnamed suspects contacted authorities about the case Thursday night.

"Deputies Westfall and Asbury worked with me on this until past midnight," said Sheriff's Detective Brent Gandee. "We got the tip on this from Lt. Young with the Parkersburg Police Department, on the girl when she called in."

A large amount of that money was spent recently on a variety of the recovered items, ranging from parrots to used sports cars.

"They converted a lot of the money, probably in the neighborhood of $50,000, in the items and the cars," Gandee said. "We have a lot of receipts, so we may be able to take them back to the vendors, and go from there."

Detective Gandee says the thefts happened august thirteenth. The victim is not being identified for now because he is out of town. The suspects are identified as an adult and a juvenile.