Working Out Contract Details with Humane Society

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Some questions remain unanswered after a contract meeting between the Wood County commission and the Humane Society of Parkersburg.

After the city of Parkersburg ended its contract with the humane society, officials are trying to figure out how to operate within city limits; particularly on animal control.

Executive director, Maryann Hollis says at this point they have a verbal agreement with the county to continue covering Parkersburg, but that doesn't come without some changes.

"We only have the authority to enforce state code. We no longer have the authority to enforce Parkersburg city ordinances, including fining or writing tickets. The biggest difference that you'll see is that state code allows for licensed dogs to run at large. City code does not," Hollis said.

Hollis says the county attorney is planning to meet with the humane society's attorney as well as various city attorneys to work out further details.

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