Observing The Fourth Of July

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Whether you observe the holiday at a gathering with neighbors, cookout with family, or watching living history it seems that everyone celebrates the Fourth Of July differently.

Missy O'Neill says for her the day is about family time. "Just to spend time with the family, spend time with the kids. Watch them have fun and do the things we used to do when we were kids."

Over the weekend dozens gathered to take part in multiple celebrations commemorating the 234 years America has been a free country. While dozens gathered to see the festivities many said the day was about remembering those who've served.

"What Independence Day means to me, and I think for the rest of my family, is that it's the birthday of our nation," says Amber Huber. "We wouldn't have all of the freedom and all the rights and privileges that we have now if it weren't for all the soldiers who have lost their lives.

Since the Fourth Of July falls on a Sunday the government and it's employees will observe the holiday Monday. All government agencies will be closed.

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