Twilight Fans Line Up Early To See Eclipse

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It was night that Twilight fans across the nation has been waiting for...

At midnight last Tuesday night the third installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiered.

Erin Pulsanti talked with die hard Twi-hards who lined up hours before the movie.

The scene can only be discribed as madness...some these Twi-hards had been in line for the first showing since 6:00pm.

Regal Cinimas sold out ten theatres, that's about 2,000 tickets to the Twilight nation.

But don't think it was all fun and games at the movies, the lines were drawn in the sand and team declarations were in order.

Jensen Newton\Team Jacob\ "I guess since he's cute and i like warewolves, so."

Chloe Park\Team Edward\"I'm on Edwards team because he's very mysterious."

Brandi\Team Edward\"I'm team Edward because he's sensative and nice."

Brittany Tallman\Team Jacob\"I'm on team Jocob becasue he's hot! Haha!"

Regal Cinema at the Grand Central Mall also sold tickets for a 2:30am showing of the film.

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