Emergency School Levy to go on Ballot in Marietta

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The Marietta City School District is working to improve opportunities for students, and avoid cutting programs.

At Wednesday night's meeting, the board of education chose to put an emergency school levy on November's ballot.

Board President, Greg Gault says they decided to go with the emergency levy because the money is needed immediately in order to keep the school system afloat.

Gault says if the levy doesn't pass, schools will unfortunately have to make some cuts.

"Some things that will have to be considered down the road are elimination of sports and extracurricular activities, cuts in transportation, looking at closing a school. There are several options out there, and none of them are pleasant," Gault said. "None of those are said to be a threat, but it's reality and if we don't pass the levy those are things we have to start looking at to do the best we can with the money we have."

Gault says the next step is to determine an exact amount, that would be acceptable for the community and still benefit the school system.

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