Just Ask the Thermometer

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The heat and humidity remain the topic of conversation this week, and many who don't have to be in the heat, are seeking cooler temperatures.

We took a thermometer to places all over town to see where some of the hottest and coolest spots were.

Out on the pavement of a car wash, the temperature was over 100 degrees.

When stepping into the shade of a tree, that number dropped to 90.

The inside of a car was one of the hottest places at nearly 120 degrees.

And one of the coolest places was of course inside an air conditioned building where the needle dropped into the 70s.

"It's wonderful to have a job inside. My air conditioner in my car is broke, so coming inside from a hot car and hot air is wonderful," Joyce Pennington, an academic secretary, said.

Those with jobs outside say they seek shade often and try to stay hydrated.

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