Ritchie Water Woes

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Work is under way to connect a pipeline from Pennsboro Speedway to the county's largest communities.

The county has been under a water emergency since Wednesday, and officials of the town of Pennsboro say the area has an estimated two to three week supply of water.

Officials say this is not a new problem.

"Ever since 1998, we've been having problems, with the lack of rain in the water tables," says councilman James White. "Next year, hopefully, the new lake will take care of our water problems. Hopefully, we'll have some rain to fill that lake."

Two communities affected by the problem, Pennsboro and Ellenboro, use more than a half-million gallons of water every day.

While Ritchie County isn't a major economic concern, some of the county's major water users include Simonton Windows.

Some non-essential businesses, such as car washes, have been forced to close because of the emergency, while restaurants are using paper plates to reduce water consumption.