Who, What, When, and Now, Where

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Almost from the time we first heard the president was coming to Parkersburg, there's been speculation the location would be Stadium Field. That venue, indeed, was confirmed to us late Wednesday morning.

In the words of Parkersburg High School's principal, "The Republican National Committee gave us a call and said, yes, this was going to happen."

Last May President Bush spoke at Parkersburg South High School. For that reason alone, Parkersburg High was rumored to be a site for his return trip Sunday. The difference is that officially the Parkersburg South appearance was not a political visit.

"This is a political rally,” says PHS Principal Ralph Board. "The last time the president was discussing education. They're not talking to me about speaking, I won't be speaking."

Certainly PHS is no stranger to presidential appearances. President Ronald Reagan spoke here during his re-election campaign 20 years ago this fall. The only difference is the site for that appearance was the Memorial Field House.

"This is not disrupting the school in any way," says Board. "We are not disrupting any of our events that are happening. Everything is normal, and that's the way we want to keep it."

Stadium Field normally accommodates 9,000 people for sporting events, but Board believes it can also hold thousands more, and if you're wondering, PHS says this Friday's home football game against Brooke will go on as scheduled.