Summer Work Program Helping Students Earn Cash

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In the midst of summer break, some students in Marietta remain on campus; many working to save money for the upcoming school year.

Marietta College's Summer Work Program has dozens of students all over campus; doing everything from landscaping to office work.

Rather than sleeping in, these students arrive at work early in the morning and stay until late afternoon.

They say they couldn't ask for a better summer job to help pay for school.

"I'd rather be outside than working inside somewhere and being bored all day," Rebecca Diehl, a college student, said.

"There's always people around, so there's always stuff to just look at to kind of distract us from all the weeding we have to do," Kathryn Welch, a college student, said.

The program also hires students from other colleges, and even some local high school students as well.

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