Board of Education Decides Amount for Levy

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More decisions were made Thursday afternoon concerning an emergency school levy set for the November ballot in the Marietta School District.

At a meeting, the board decided on a levy worth $2,750,000 that would be paid over five years.

To put that in perspective; for someone with a property value of $100,000, it would cost $195 a year.

Board president, Gary Gault says the board has already made a lot of cuts, and is hoping it won't have to make anymore.

"We've cut programs over the past several years to the point I'm not sure what's left to cut. It's been tough. We would have to look at things such as sporting activities, possibly busing, school closures," Gault said.

He says if a levy doesn't pass by 2014, the school system will be more than $8,000,000 in the hole. If the levy does pass, the balance would be more than $2,000,000 over budget.

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