Update: Wood County Takes Steps to Reduce Special Election Costs

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Update: 12:25 p.m. 7/26/10

Steps are being taken in Wood County to reduce costs for the upcoming election to fill the late Robert C. Byrd's senate seat.

Monday morning county commissioners approved a request to consolidate 23 precincts as a way to cut costs.

Along with that, commissioners also approved the poll worker list, which is shorter than a normal election.

Officials say this won't change anything for voters; just a few adjustments at the polls.


The special election to fill the late Robert C. Byrd's senate seat could put a financial strain on certain counties.

Wood County Clerk, Jamie Six says the state has put aside $3 million for the election.

However, based on estimates from the May primary, an election normally costs about $5 million.

Six says because it's a special election with a shorter early voting period, only one race on the ballot and no poll worker training; the cost will only be about $4 million, which still wouldn't be enough to cover the total cost.

"We still think the estimate of three million is a little low, and we're just concerned about having an appropriations bill that the legislature can pass in time for counties to get reimbursed in a timely fashion and then have the money back in the budget to then pay for our November election," Six said.

Six says counties may not be reimbursed until January, which is of course after the general election when the money would be needed.

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