Marietta Memorial Still Negotiating Health Insurance Contract

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With some concerned about whether or not their health insurance will continue to be accepted, Marietta Memorial Hospital is clearing the air.

WTAP has received questions from several people with Anthem health insurance, about the possibility of Marietta Memorial no longer accepting it.

Hospital officials say that isn't the case, and that they're still in the negotiation process with the company.

The hospital has been negotiating with Anthem for about three years, asking for "reasonable reimbursement rates that would line it up with other commercial payers."

Marietta Memorial spokesperson, Jennifer Offenberger, does say negotiations are at a standstill, and so the hospital has sent Anthem a letter stating that if an agreement isn't reached by December, the contract won't be renewed.

"We've been working for some time now with the local chamber and local brokers because if that should happen and we hope it doesn't because we want Anthem as part of our product services; if it should happen though, they have an opportunity to make changes too," Offenberger said.

She says those changes would include switching to another insurance plan or to continue using Anthem with an out-of-network fee.

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