Parkersburg Considering Urban Deer Hunting

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The city of Parkersburg is responding to complaints about the number of deer inside city limits by discussing the possibility of urban deer hunting.

It's an issue that was brought up at Tuesday night's city council meeting, and Mayor Bob Newell says it's something already being done in many cities under supervision of the Division of Natural Resources.

Newell says urban deer hunting doesn't mean hunters would be roaming the streets with guns. In fact, it would be bow hunting only, in unpopulated areas and would require a permit.

"The regulations call for no hunting whatsoever within 500 feet of residences or buildings. There would be a limited number of people that would even be issued a permit. It would be by permit only," Mayor Newell said.

The city attorney is in the process of writing an ordinance to be presented at a future council meeting.

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