Technology That Fights Crime

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In the age of technology, new gadgets come out all the time. The Marietta Police Department is taking advantage of a new device that will make an officer's job safer and more efficient.

The license plate reader (LPR) takes pictures of license plates and within seconds alerts officers if a vehicle is on the 'hot list.'

This list is compiled of vehicles with wants and warrants, stolen license plates, drivers with no operator's license and amber alerts.

Officers say it's used as a safety element during traffic stops, and can also catch criminals that would otherwise be overlooked.

"As a police officer when you're out here trying to protect and serve the good people of the community; us as officers need all the tools when can get to help us out and get the criminals off the street, and this is a great tool for that," Patrolman Rhett Walters said.

Officers say the LPR system doesn't display any personal information, and is simply a quicker way of matching up vehicles with those on the hot list.

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