Reaction Upbeat

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"It's great to be back in West Virginia," President Bush said Sunday. "It seems like I make it a habit coming here."

He's certainly making it a habit coming to Parkersburg, and it looks like people are beginning to get his message. That includes people who are registered Democrats.

"There were three others there who were not too far from me who were for Mr. Bush," said Jack Anderson.

"Do you think he changed anyone's opinion?" we asked.

Said Anderson, "Yes, I do."

A registered Republican, but not a straight-party voter, also attended the speech.

"A lot of the items in that speech were covered yesterday," said Bob Bargeloh, "but those are the items I think people are interested in and I would be very happy to support that this year."

Before the convention, support for the two candidates was almost evenly split along party lines. One resident believes that's still going to be the case at election time.

"Republicans are going to vote; Republican and Democrats are going to vote Democrat," said Democrat Roy Molson. "That's how it works."

Opinion polls which came out over the weekend gave President Bush an 11 percentage point lead right after the convention, but in an otherwise-contentious election year, no one's taking that post convention "bounce" for granted.