Still Burning

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A fire on Friday at a horse barn, burned in the same area again Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, a horse died in the blaze, but because the arena was already destroyed. Weather conditions might be a factor.

No amount of water is enough to calm the flames here at the Stonegate Farm and construction complex. Tiny hotspots keep rekindling, which is why firefighters have been here twice since Friday.

What's left of the barn burned for a second time Saturday. Fire investigators had firefighters soak the area again, this time saying something electrical was to blame. Firefighters try again to maintain the flames. Wind and lack of rain might a part of the problem.

Seven horses lived there, one, now in Columbus for burn treatment, another dead. Fortunately for the horses, a person was at the barn Friday when the fire started, that's not the normal schedule.

Angela Lansing boards her horses there, she also cares for other horses.

“Most everyone I talked to is shocked, you don't expect something like this in a barn, in a house there's so many more things that are on, stoves, so when this burned, we were just shocked,” comments Lansing.

Lansing says the Stonegate Farm will rebuild the arena and barn, but it will take some time. The injured horse is expected to come home Tuesday.

Fire investigators believe the fire started because of electric wires underneath the barns floor.

The fire caused about $60,000 in damage.