Back to School

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The big day has finally come for students at Frontier-local schools.

Elementary students at New Matamoras and Newport are finally headed back to school Monday.

Students at both schools got the chance to see their new buildings, and it was well worth the wait!

School was supposed to start a few weeks ago, but they held off until construction was finished.

Monday is a special day for the school district.

"Were starting a new era in Education in the Frontier Local School. Teachers have been working on a new curriculum for three years, we finally got buildings open were just gonna be great and exciting for all of the students I guess,” says Samson Bland.

Bland says they only missed eight days of school because of the delay. They'll use one deer hunting day, and two parent-teacher conference days.

Those would normally be days off. As for the other five days, the state allows student to miss a few days of school.

The new schools are complete with Internet access and security cameras.