A Benefit Concert To Help A Kid In Need

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Southeastern Ohio Sinners-n-Saints put on a benefit concert Saturday afternoon to honor a kid with Neuroblastoma and Bone Marrow Disease.

The organization is raising money for three-year-old, Taryn Jorvig from Marietta.

They're also using this benefit concert to help local food pantries.

The Sinners and Saints are willing to do anything to help find a cure for Jorvig's diseases.

"To be able to put on something like this to help a young child in need is a fulfilling on our end but the family and his friends and other kids that's suffering from similar issues, that's the ones we're really thinking about," says Southeastern Ohio Sinners-n-Saints President, Dave Johnson.

KISS Tribute Band, KINGS of the Nighttime World and Citizens Brigade are among the bands performing.

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