A Big Celebration to Honor Marietta

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A great reason to celebrate!

Marietta Main Street hosted a night out on the Valley Gem Thursday in honor of a big accomplishment for Marietta.

There were people in from as far as Louisiana in to celebrate Marietta and the community couldn't be prouder!

Back in April, Smithsonian Magazine recognized Marietta as one of the "Best Small Towns to Visit," so a celebration was in order!

Ohio Representative, Andy Thompson, was there for the celebration and said that he was happy to see Marietta nationally recognized and that he sees growth, economic opportunities and many other good things coming to our area.

Dozens gathered last night on the Valley Gem to celebrate this big accomplishment.

There was food, dancing, live music and more- all put on by Marietta Main Street.

Jean G. Farmer, Executive Director of Marietta Main Street said, "Marietta has been a beautiful town for a really long time and to be recognized like this, just makes the community proud so we are out here tonight celebrating and I am happy to see everyone here doing this."

A wide variety of community members came out to support- all there to represent the different parts that unite Marietta.

President Joe Bruno was there to represent Marietta College and talked about how quickly he and his wife, Diane have grown to love the area in a short period of time and that this recognition is a great thing for the town and the college as well.

He said after the article was released, the college sent out information to prospective students to let them know how great Marietta is.

There were many others there such as small business owners, local law makers and area officials all agreeing that this recognition can only help with the growth of the community.

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