A Ceremony For The Civil War Veterans

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Sunday marked a different time.

A time honoring Captain Michael Egan and 33 other veterans from Wood County who fought in the Civil War.

"It's a time to remember all of our Civil War veterans and like the rest of the world, the rest of the area here, too many of them are forgotten and it's just an occasion to recognize them and remember their sacrifice," says Wood County Historical and Preservation Society President, Bob Enoch.

A sacrifice from the blue and gray that marked the beginning of a new holiday dedicated to that sacrifice.

"Memorial Day originally started out as Decoration Day and it began with the ladies from both sides decorating graves both confederate and union," added Mary Blythe.

George Schowalter and Captain Egan's Great Great Grandson, Marty Vierheller were among the family members who honored the legacy of their loved ones.

"It's just an honor to be associated with him to learn a little bit more about him and I think it's also wonderful that the other families were also honored here today," replied Vierheller.

"He fought for what he believed in as do people now days in Afghanistan and other places like that they fight on because they believe in what they're fighting for," Schowalter said.

Vierheller and his family had no idea they had a connection with a soldier from the Civil War who was honored here at the ceremony.

"We knew that he was a Civil War veteran as it's marked on his burial stone but we didn't know to what capacity he was a quote on quote hero," says Vierheller.

Everyone attending also got to see the gun salute, the presentation of colors and hear the roll call of the veterans.

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