A Fun Way To Learn Something About The Waterways

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A fun filled festival with educational facts for the whole family was Sunday afternoon thanks to the Campus Martius Museum.

It was all part of their second annual Inland Waterways Festival at the Ohio River Museum.

The two day festival is a great opportunity for people to learn the importance of our waterways here in the valley.

Kids and parents got to experience many exhibits, including a tank full of fish from the Ohio River and listen to various speakers.

"Marietta loves its rivers. So we just want to keep reminding people and educating people about what they really mean to this town in this area and these different exhibits do that," says Inland Waterways Festival Chairman, Dennis Cavalier.

People from around Ohio and even the world came out to learn about our unique waterways.

The Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission were among the organizations participating in the festival.

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