A Helpful Way To Escape From Domestic Violence

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The Parkersburg Lions Club put on an event Saturday morning that will help families escape from domestic violence situations, quickly.

It's all part of their Suitcase Drive.

People came by Mahone Tire Service donating their new or used suitcases.

The suitcases are given to families of the Family Crisis Intervention Center to use to pack their belongings and head for a safe place.

So far, the lions club has collected nearly 200 suitcases.

"It's about dignity, you know like a lot of people when they have to leave early from an abuse situation and those people, you got to have a little bit of dignity and by having this suitcase run, that's helpful," says Suitcase Drive Chairman, Jay Carter.

The Parkersburg Lions Club is still accepting any new or used suitcases after Saturday.

People can drop them off at the Mahone Tire Service at the corner 14th and Pearcy Streets in Parkersburg.

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