A Jamboree Full of Firsts

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The co-ed Venture Crew has been a major part of scouting for years. But it's just this year it's being permitted to take part in the scout jamboree, held every four years.

Sabrina Cogar will be one of the first women to attend this year's jamboree, when it's held in the New River region of the Mountain State.

"They've been having the Jamboree for many years, but it's always been for Boy Scouts," Cogar says. "This is the first time they're having Venturing Crew, so it will be the first time they'll be having girls."

It will also be a first for West Virginia, after years of holding the national Jamboree in Virginia, the next several gatherings will be held across the border.

Dakota Ward was a patrol leader at the last jamboree.

"It was nice, but everything was temporary," he recalls. "They would set up temporary pools, temporary walls. At the new Bechtel Reserve, it will be permanent. It's all going to be really nice."

Ward said he met scouts from Egypt at the last gathering. He says visitors from all over the world will find out why West Virginia is called "Almost Heaven".

The scouts from the Allohak council, based in Parkersburg, will leave for southern West Virginia Monday morning. They're set to return July 25th.

The Jamboree begins Tuesday and continues until July 22.