A Local Company Thanks Those Who Serve and Protect.

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"We're very thankful that the people from Frontier would take time out to recognize the local first responders in this area...it means a lot," says Tim Flinn, executive officer from the Parkersburg Fire Department.

Frontier communications honors first responders for their service to the Parkersburg community.

"The employees of Frontier really felt that they wanted to get involved in the community; it's one of the Frontier values to support the community," says Frontier manager Sherry Crutchfield.

Team building and local involvement, core principals for this telecommunications provider.

"One of the initiatives that the team came up with is they wanted to show their support of the first responders in the area such as the local police, the fire department, the sheriff's department...so all those agencies were contacted," Crutchfield says.

Saying thanks to those who serve and protect is all in a day's work for Frontier.

"It's good when businesses try to thank the first responders and I know they appreciate it and I think it's been pretty well attended," says Parkersburg mayor Bob Newell. "So we appreciate their efforts and being part of the community."

What we may take for granted, they give selflessly. In a post 9/11 world, some stop and recognize their dedication.

"What they do is so important and I think that it's probably not appreciated enough," Crutchfield says. "What they sacrifice, they give up a lot of their own time with their family to be there to make sure that our families are protected."

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