A Man on Bath Salts Arrested for Shooting Near Homes

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office says Wednesday afternoon, 53-year old Craig Parsons was firing his weapon at people he thought were following him.

They say several homes and a business are near where Parsons was shooting.

Parsons even asked deputies to check his Little Hocking home for people hiding inside trying to "get him." No one was found in the home.

Investigators say they found empty bath salt packets in the home.
"Bath salts is making and emergence even more so here in the Mid-Ohio Valley and we have had several incidences that have been very bad," explains Sheriff Larry Mincks. "This one could have been because the guy had been taking bath salts for a couple days, him and his buddy, and he became very paranoid and he was having hallucinations and just had completely lost touch with reality."

Sheriff Mincks says Parsons was in his garage, unarmed, when deputies arrived.

Parsons faces charges of using a weapon while intoxicated and discharging a firearm toward a home.

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