A Much Needed Downtown Revitalization

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Downtown Marietta will soon attract more and more visitors to area businesses thanks to a decision made by the City Council Thursday night.

Members of the Marietta City Council approved the revitalization of downtown.

This will allow additional liquor licenses to area restaurants and bars. It will also help bring more businesses to historic downtown Marietta.

Business owners and others packed the Lookout Point to express their true feelings about the importance of having the revitalization.

"Most people are in favor of this. They see this as a boost for our town, making Marietta a dining destination for the region," says Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce President, Charlotte Keim.

"As a young professional here who is making long term decisions about the type of community I want to live in, this is one of the new factors that I'm focused on," added Chris Fields.

City Council officials say the downtown Marietta revitalization will take place on December 21st.

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