"A Perfect Fit"; Warren Gives Office Space to Deputy

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Officials say "It's a perfect fit." The Warren School District Board of Education unanimously approves to give office space to a Sheriff's deputy at Warren High School.

"You know you can handle situations at the school, also the students get to see the officers and vice versa, it's community," explains Washington County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Mark Warden.

Without the funding for Washington County Schools to have an all day resource officer, many schools, like Warren High, are left looking for alternatives. "Without that funding we've kind of been looking for ways we can increase their presence and continue the relationship we've had for years," explains Warren Principal Dan Leffingwell, "we're really looking forward to it."

Washington County Sheriff's Deputies will each be given a key to the school and an office. There, the deputy in that zone, can randomly stop by anytime to check on the school and students.

"That's the important thing, being accessible to our students, realizing if there is an issue, often times the presence of an officer gives students someone else to talk to maybe provide some information, some advice," continues Principal Leffingwell. "So I really think it puts the Sheriff's Deputies on the front line for the students."

With county broadband still in the works and deputies being required to get out and check out the schools in their zone, deputies will also be able to have office space to work on reports and file paper work right there at the school. This will save them from traveling back to Marietta to do the reports and allows them to be closer if dispatched somewhere near the school.

"It's just the perfect fit. I think it's a great partnership with law enforcement and schools it gives the schools high visibility with law enforcement there, granted it not going to be permanent it's going to be random officers stopping in. I think it's a perfect fit," explains Chief Deputy Warden.

The Sheriff's Office says it will save money in gas, time, and man hours. The school says it's a win-win for them both.

"I think anytime you associate yourself with the quality of folks such as our sheriff's deputies, put them in schools working with kids has to be a win," says Principal Leffingwell.

The Sheriff Office says they are also looking into doing the same at schools across the county.

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