A Reminder About ATV Safety

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law enforcement agencies in both states have recently been investigating several accidents involving off-road vehicles.

with that in mind, the Ohio Highway Patrol is beginning a campaign aimed at safety in operating all-terrain vehicles.

And riders in both West Virginia and Ohio are being reminded it's illegal to operate an ATV on roadways, and drivers should wear helmets.

"You cannot go over 25 miles an hour at any time, on any kind of roadway," says Sgt. Shawn Graham, Chief Deputy for the Wood County Sheriff's Office. "Some misconceptions are that people think if you stay under that, you can stay on roadways and travel. But if its two or more lanes, you cannot, by law, other than crossing the road."

And with several crashes in its area, the Gallia-Meigs post of the Highway patrol is taking a "zero tolerance" stance on violations.

It says citations will be handed out to unsafe vehicles on roadways, and uninsured vehicles will result in license suspensions.
Vehicles may also be towed.

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