A Sneak Peak Of The Renovated Stadium Field

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Monday marks the first time the public gets to see the renovations underway on PHS's Stadium Field.

PHS Athletic Director, Lori Lowers, says the first phase of the renovation is complete as the home side bleachers were demolished.

So far, all of the risers were removed and the stadium is currently in the precasting stage.

Funding for the home bleachers remains an issue as the school still needs another half million dollars to complete the project.

School officials hope to have it done by the end of August.

"Parkersburg High School Stadium is rich in tradition and history and for us to be replacing it and trying to make it the same as it was, I think is huge for the community. We had a lot of support with that, a lot of people are happy that we're replacing the concrete with the concrete to keep it looking the way it always has," says Lowers.

Open house for the renovated Stadium Field is set for Monday from 10am to 4pm.

Lowers says the renovation of the visitors side will take place sometime next year.

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