A Stuffed Animal Zoo for Deserving Kids This Christmas

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Lions, tigers, and bears. It's a whole zoo in Marietta.

These stuffed furry animals are on display in the window of the Workingman's store in Marietta.

The animals are donations from people in the community.

It's all part of the annual Christmas Zoo for kids in need sponsored by WMOA.

On Christmas morning, those animals will be un-wrapped by deserving kids all over the valley.

"It's to help the kids that aren't going to have anything for Christmas. It's a wonderful response from the community. It has been and always will be. They look forward to it," says store employee Carlton Schramm.

This year, they hope to collect 1,600 stuffed animals. You can drop off your donation from now until a few days before Christmas at the Workingman's store in Marietta on Putnam Street.

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