A Three Ring Family

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It takes hundreds to make it happen and over 30 trucks to transport, but the smiles and laughter make all the long hours traveling worth it.

The Carson and Barnes Circus hits the stage this weekend in Marietta bringing in some three ring fun.

A variety of acts, all performing for the same reason.

"It's the laughter. It's because we work hard all year, practicing, rehearsing, sewing costumes, making music, doing it all. And then when you go in there and get the applause, it makes it feel like it was all worthwhile," said Ring Master, Jairo Ojeda.

Many big acts performed under the big top at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

But it takes more than just having talent to be a part of the circus, it means being a part of a family.

Most of the performers were born into the circus.. some 5th, 6th, even 7th generation circus acts.

"I've been traveling since i was born into it.. you know, i'm 7th generation so ever since i was born into it, i was around this all the time," said performer, Geraldo Rosales.

And those performers say they couldn't imagine themselves being anywhere else.

Circus Performer, Jaqueeline Coronel said, "Honestly i love the circus if you ask me what i want to do my life, it's the circus."

Being a part of the circus has taught these performers more than just being a family.. it's taught them about travel, experience and they get to hang out with some really cool animals.

The Carson and Barnes Circus has given them the experience of a life time, and they say, they wouldn't change a thing..

"A lot of people ask me do you wish you could've done it different and honestly i don't because i love the circus.. it was born into me," said Performer, Franchesca Cavallini.

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