A Warm Place To Stay During The Winter

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Local homeless shelters are teaming up to keep families across the valley warm during the wintry temperatures.

The Latrobe Street Mission in Parkersburg is now accepting individuals and families into their housing facility.

Associate Director of Operations, Brenda Ridgeway, says they offer hygiene packets, hot meals, and beds.

They even help people get back on their feet by finding them jobs and housing.

"We've been doing very well. More people start to show up, some new faces, some we never seen before, some returners have come back to just get out of the cold weather and find a warm meal and a hot bed," says Latrobe Street Mission Associate Director of Operations, Brenda Ridgeway.

So far, the Latrobe Street Mission has housed more than 70 people at their facility.

For more information on how the Latrobe Street Mission or other area shelters can help serve you and your family this winter, please contact the following:

Latrobe Street Mission Associate Director of Operations, Brenda Ridgeway: 304-893-9460

Salvation Army Lt. Erik and Mechelle Henry: 304-485-4529

Also visit Latrobe Street Mission's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LatrobeStreetMission?ref=br_tf.

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