A Worthy Hire

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It was a decision that board members of the Warren Local Schools think will help continue their educational success and reaching out to their community.

They have chosen Kyle Newton as their new leader.

He served as superintendent of the Crooksville Exempted Village Schools for the past three years.

"I am excited and truthfully humbled by the board picking me as superintendent and I look forward to the opportunity and the community and working with our staff and our students," says Newton.

As the new superintendent, Newton has already stirred up some great plans for the school district.

"My goal is to continue the great progress that we have here. Warren is a great school district and hopefully my presence will improve and we can all grow together," added Newton.

Board members and the community are confident that Newton will do a lot of good there.

"He's a high energy, I believe he is familiar with the district through the family ties, he's curriculum oriented and he wants to do the job," replied Warren Local Schools Board President, Sid Brackenridge.

"I'm actually very excited. I had some collaborations with Kyle and his roll at Crooksville and some of the other teachers in the district and he's done a lot of innovative things in his current roll," Warren Local Schools' Teachers Association President, Lydia Hunter said.

"He has a passion for education and listening to him speak, he understands the mission of our district, that's excellence and I think he'll get us there," says Warren Local Schools' Board Member, Bob Allen.

Newton has one thing he would like to say to students and parents.

"I'm excited to be a warrior and that means something to me. So as we go forward together, I think it's going to be a good fit," added Newton.

Newton will begin his duties immediately as he will search for new principals at the area schools.

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