ACA For Rural WV Holds Session at City Park

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March 31.

That's the latest deadline to register for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Less than two full weeks remaining and an enrollment event in Parkersburg is helping people sign-up.

There were people at times waiting to speak to one of the people there to answer their questions, although most didn't seem to mind the wait.

By the end of this month, people either have to have coverage through the health care marketplace, through Medicare or Medicaid, or their employer.

And one of the most-asked questions has been: what is it going to cost?

"There are some new tax credits that can be advanced to you monthly, and the tax credits bring the price down on a lot of these plans," says Jeremy Smith, Navigator for ACA for Rural WV. "So a lot of families are qualifying for the tax credits, and they're really satisfied with the price they're going to pay."

Smith says the health care web site has improved since its problem-plagued start up in October, adding people who haven't been to the site lately should try it again.

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