AEP Stopping Coal Burning in Beverly; Jobs To Be Lost

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The latest EPA regulations could leave over a hundred without a job in Beverly.

American Electric Power's Muskingum River Plant plans to stop burning coal in its Unit 5 in just two years. It's all part of the most recent slate of E-P-A regulations. "The economics for installing additional admission control equipment on that plant, just don't make sense, so we have been talking about closing several of the units at that plant for some time and then this last unit, Unit 5 at Muskingum River, we have agreed to retire or refuel it," explains AEP spokeswoman Melissa McHenry.

This could leave nearly 100 workers jobless.

AEP has agreed to not continue using coal at the plant. They say this has been in the works for quite some time.

McHenry says it has already been a gradual reduction with employees leaving or retiring and they say other employees have known for quite awhile this has been happening.
"We obviously want to and we value our good employees so we're trying to find opportunities at other AEP facilities, make them aware of opportunities of other AEP plants and that's part of our plan for all of the coal plants that would be impacted."

Now AEP says Unit 5 could be refueled, operating with natural gas. That decision has not been made. That natural gas would still require fewer employees.

AEP says that would only be Unit five though, the rest of the plant would still be retired.

The unit would be retired or refueled by mid- 2015.

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