UPDATED: ALICE; The New Lockdown

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UPDATED: 1/16/12

Belpre City School announced it's upgrading it's safety plan to the so called ALICE plan.

They'll be joining other schools in the county, like Marietta and Warren who are changing their policy.

Belpre plans to meet with teachers and tweek the ALICE program to best meet their needs.

ALICE is about not becoming a sitting target. Generally, students not around the a shooter are told to run, those around the threat are taught to do something to distract and stop it.

Superintendent Tony Dunn says next month the teachers will have a meeting-- then they'll roll it out to the students. He says they've been working closely with the Belpre Police Department with the new procedure.

The Marietta Police Department introduces a new proactive "lock down" procedure to Marietta High School students.

Officers showed a reenactment of the Columbine shooting that played out for Marietta High School students. Marietta Police Officers say the old lock down procedures, hiding under tables and not reacting, had the worst result.

"The sad thing is in all the previous cases, high death tolls because they had static, unmoving targets and we want to change that," says Marietta Police Department Patrolman, Patrick Gragan.

Officers explain they are minutes away when seconds count. The old procedure was about the students waiting for police to arrive. But history has proven the incident is typically over before authorities are even involved.

Police say the new procedure called "ALICE" is a way for them to help, without being there.

"Be a part of their own survival, be responsible for their own safety, to effectively deal with situations so in a way as a law enforcement officer I'm still helping out with the end goal, which is keeping kids safe and alive, even if I can't be here," explains Marietta Police Department's Srgt. Rodney Hupp.

Students then watched the new procedure to see the difference in outcome.

"The entire classroom erupts, total chaos occurs, and when that happens it's not to say someone still won't possibly get hurt... or even death could occur but it's to reduce the amount of fatalities and to up the survivability of our students," says Gragan.

ALICE is an acronym for Alert, Lock down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.

"The most important part about Alice is the E, evacuate, put distance between you and the problem," explains Gragan.

Inform does away with code words but more so is about telling everyone what is happening at all times and where the shooter is.
Counter is about distracting and actively stopping the shooter.

"What I want them to carry away is as you go through life it's all about personal responsibility. You are the one that takes care of You," says Srgt. Hupp.

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