AT&T Sends A Message About Texting and Driving

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Is a text message worth a life?

Marietta City employees took the pledge Thursday never to text and drive.

Thursday is National Drive for Pledges Day.

AT&T came to Marietta for the "It Can Wait" movement.

All the city officals there took the pledge - from the mayor and health department, to the police and fire chiefs.

Then they got a sticker to put on their car to remind themselves and other drivers never to text and drive.

City officials met at Lookout Park, where Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews read a proclamation declaring his support and encouraging others to take the pledge.

AT&T representative B.J. Smith spoke and showed a video.

Smith says this campaign is all about awareness.

She asks that officials bring what they learned Thursday back to their departments.

"Spreading that message here in Marietta with people who take it back to their co-workers, take it back to their family and friends, so this was one of events across the county, to get across this message, don't text and drive," Smith says.

Smith says you are 23 times more likely to get in an accident if you are texting and driving.

She says the real message here is - it can wait. No text is worth the risk.

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