A.T.V. Season Safety

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The spring temperatures will have many of us outside gardening, walking, sun bathing or even ATV riding.

Now, officials are taking time to remind everyone about the safety precautions when four wheeling. We spoke with Sgt. B.A. Pickens at the Wood County Sheriff's Office who says wearing ATV gear to protect your head and eyes is always a good idea.

"As we know we are coming into the spring time where people are going to be riding ATV's. We encourage everyone to wear helmets and goggles while rising their ATV," says Sgt. Pickens. "Keep in mind you can cross the roadway at 90 degree angle if you ensure the roadway is safe before you do so. If you are out after night you must have an illuminated headlight and taillight."

"The unfortunate thing is a lot of times with ATV riding leads to alcohol use. We encourage you not to consume alcohol while driving your ATV," he adds. "If you're going to be out in the county, make sure you have a cell phone with you, so if something were to happen to you or someone you are riding with, you can always get somebody on the phone who can assist you. And, try to ride in pairs."

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