A Community's ID?

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People buying stamps...or picking up mail...at the Rockport post office are concerned they might not be able to do so much longer.

"We would be inconvienenced driving all the way to Mineral Wells," said resident Andy Cutlip.

But they may have to drive to Mineral Wells for postal services...if the U.S. Postal Service, as it is proposing, shuts down the Rockport post office. And not everyone in Rockport lives close to the post office building on route 21. some live several miles away.

"I live four miles out Windy (Ridge Road)," said Oval Pritt. "Maybe FedEx would be cheaper."

Of greater concern may be the community itself. One of the organizers of a public meeting to be held Tuesday night says small towns like Rockport literally exist largely because the presence of a post office.

"Communities are often defined because of their schools, their post offices, and the local things that often happen there," Jean Houck said. "I guess they lost the (elementary school) a long time ago, and that diminished the community some."

Yhe meeting with U.S.s postal officials will be held Tuesday night beginning at 5:30at the Rockport Community Building on West Virginia route 21 -- just off interstate 77.

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