A Day For The Dogs At The Humane Society Of The Ohio Valley

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Summer time and for some area pups- the living was easy! Pooches were treated at the monthly "Dog Wash" at the Humane Society of The Ohio Valley.

"It's $5 for a nail trim, $10 for nails and ears, and $20 for, what we call the spa treatment, which is nails, ears, wash, condition and dry," says Humane Society of the Ohio Valley President, Kelly Schubert. "Proceeds that we make here stay at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley."

Raising funds to keep the shelter up and running is important because a lot of really great pets need really great homes.

"It is very important to rescue animals out of your local shelter," Schubert says. "What you get is coverage of the shots and medication that it (the pet) has been on. And if you buy a dog or cat that's fixed- that's because we spay and neuter them. We don't allow them to leave the facility before they are spayed or neutered."

But, before you sign the adoption papers, Shubert says getting to know a pet's personality is one of the most important steps in adoption.

"They are high maintenance. All animals are are high maintenance. You have to know how to take care of them. Also, if you have children, or even with yourself, animals personalities are different," Schubert says. "So, you have to have an animals with a personality that will fit in with yours. I encourage people who are going to adopt to come in and spend some time with them."

Time that could put a new pup or kitty in your home for good.