A Night Of Dancing With The Stars

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Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen who? Local celebs and their dance pros bring their "A" game to 'A Night Of Dancing With The Stars.' With all proceeds going to the Actors Guild of Parkersburg, the community really rallied around the arts.

"Our turnout is much bigger than we expected and we are so excited about that," says Robin White, the VP of Administration of the Actors Guild of Parkersburg. "It just goes to show that people love the arts in this community, that the arts are important to this area, and we need to do everything we can to keep them going in this area."

Artists across the board agree.

"The Art Center and the Actors Guild are like brothers and sisters... right across the street from each other," notes Abby Hayhurst, Director of The Parkersburg Arts Center. "For many years people thought that the pie was only so big... and that we were all in competition for the pie. Then cooler heads prevailed and what we realized was that we needed to increase the size of the pie. So, we work together to increase the size of the pie."

That pie feeds more than just talent.

"The arts really benefit people in so many ways," White says. "They provide self confidence and determination and the chance to express themselves in so many different ways. That's a great thing for our audience."

What would a night of dancing with the starts be without a winner? Reinnie Leavitt and Bob Heflin took home top honors and the mirrored ball!

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