A Nurse And A Hero

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At the time she retired, she was the most decorated woman in american military history. And Wednesday, a Charleston woman told her story at WVU-Parkersburg...while portraying her.

Col. Ruby Bradley was an army nurse...who was one of thousands of nurses and soldiers held as prisoners of war by the japanese during World War II.

But even while she was in captivity, she continued to attend to war casualties.

"I hope people will pick up the book and read the account of one of the soldiers who was taken prisoner on Battan," Park says. "Our soldiers were forced to do slave labor for Japanese corporations, some of which we're still familiar with. And this is something we cannot forget."

Park has written a book about Col. Bradley's experiences.

Bradley retired in 1963 and died in Roane County in 2002.

Her appearance was part of the celebration of Women's History Month.

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