Active Shooter Drill at Fort Frye High School

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With many school shootings around the country, preparing for such an event has become a reality.

Thursday morning Fort Frye High School along with the Washington County Sheriff's Office took part in an active shooter drill.

The sheriff's office sent a person portraying an active shooter into the building and students played victims in the hallway.

The students and faculty were to follow the evacuation plan and get out of the building if they could.

If not, they were told to stay in the classroom and form a plan to get out the window or worst case scenario, fight back.

Superintendent Stephanie Starcher says they had an assembly Wednesday with the sheriff's office, sent a notice out to parents and also talked about what they learned.

Superintendent Starcher says she also stresses being proactive and speaking up.

If the students know someone or see something that may pose a risk their safety - always say something.

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