UPDATE: Five Year Anniversary of Parkersburg Woman's Disappearance

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UPDATE 1/31/2014 4:45 PM

Five years and still no word on the whereabouts of a Parkersburg woman.

Kimberly Jones was last seen near her Pinewood Village Apartment in February of 2009.

And the Parkersburg Police Department says her disappearance is a "cold case".

The lead detective says the last leads it got on her came more than a year ago.

"Her information has been placed on international databases. DNA samples have been on file throughout the country," says Parkersburg Police Detective Decker Moody. "From time to time, I get information on individuals who have been located throughout the country, but none of them have been Kimberly."

Detective Moody regularly speaks to Jones' family about the case.

Anyone with information about Jones' disappearance is asked to contact the Parkersburg Police Department's detective bureau.

The number is (304) 424-8440.

Update: 5/08/2013 6:00 P.M.

Four years and three months. That's how much time has passed since Kimberly Jones was last seen in Parkersburg. And Kimberly's sister, a former Parkersburg resident who, coincidentally, lives in the Cleveland area, issued a statement expressing hope the outcome of the jones case might be the same as that of a missing person case there.

"We, too, pray, that the outcome of our missing Kimberly Jones, a safe and glorious outcome to those who love her," said Bobbi Hagenbaugh. "Giving up is not an option, we will find her and bring her back home."

Detective Decker Moody of the Parkersburg Police Department says the Cleveland case is an example where a person's tips can lead to a successful conclusion to a long mystery. Moody says he continues to get tips on a regular, and, in fact, recent basis about jones' possible whereabouts.
"Actually, I received a letter this week about a DNA comparison to some remains that were found, and it did not match," Moody said Wednesday. "So we are still following up on any unknown individuals who are found anywhere in the United States."

Hagenbaugh says she understands what the families of the three Cleveland women found alive Monday night must have had to deal with, in the years following their disappearance.

"We're at four years now with Kim, and I couldn't imagine many more years," she said. "It changes your life. It's agonizing to not know, is she dead, is she alive? Does somebody have her? You just don't know."

If you have any information about the case which might be helpful in locating Jones, you can call the police department at 304-424-8444 or 424-8440.


Four years and still no new leads, but police are still considering the disappearance of Kimberly Jones an open case.

Jones disappeared from her Parkersburg apartment four years ago, leaving her family and young daughter behind.

Lead detective on the case, Decker Moody, says the police continue to follow any leads given. He says after four years, they're back where they started and believe anything could have happened.

"At this point we're not eliminating any possibilities...whether she was taken against her will or left voluntarily...whether she's alive or deceased, all options are still on the table."

Even though it seems like finding Kim is at a standstill, police aren't giving up.

"We have taken this case nationally. Kim's picture and story were shown on Americas Most Wanted trying to generate national coverage. Also her DNA and other information is listed in national databases so we're eliciting information from agencies all over the country."

It's a case that Detective Moody says stands out in his mind everyday.

"This is a difficult case. I know the family wants to find Kim. They love her very much and they're concerned for her well being and where she's at. Her sister gave me a picture of Kim which I keep on my desk. I see it everyday. The case file is on my desk and it will remain there until she is found."

Detective Moody says one call could change the course of the investigation.

"You never know when you're going to get that one phone call that breaks the case wide open. I know in my past experiences there have been cases where you felt hopeless on and just in a matter of one phone call can turn the whole case around. We're hopeful that's what happens in this case and we can get it resolved."

Police are still taking tips. If you know anything, call the Parkersburg Police Department at 304-424-8444.

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