Agents Bust Heroin Distribution Ring

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UPDATE: 2/27/13 5:46

Michael Richards contacted WTAP News Wednesday, saying the second set of charges against him regarding his arrest at the Pike street motel were dropped.
WTAP News called the Washington County Prosecutor's office. The office says the case will now be heard by a grand jury.
Richards took exception with comments from Sheriff Mincks calling him one of the biggest heroin dealers in the county.
Richards says, he's not a dealer, but he is an addict.

Friday Task Force Agents arrested four people operating a heroin distribution ring out of a motel room on Pike Street in Marietta.

Agents got a tip that Michael Richards was there selling heroin. Richards was out on bond after his January 29th arrest for 3rd degree felony heroin possession.

While agents were in the room motel employee Samantha Lemon came in.

She told agents Richards' girlfriend, Abby Roach, told her to remove all drug paraphernalia from the room.

She also said Richards and Shawn Gill had been renting the room for the past week.

Lemon had warned Gill and Richards that agents were there. She's charged with obstruction of justice.

Gill and Richards were arrested at a camper on Charles Street. Richards faces 3rd degree felony heroin possession.

Gill was on parole for theft. He's charged with parole violation.

Agents arrested Abby Roach at a nearby grocery store parking lot. She faces charges for 5th degree felony heroin possession.

All four are in the Washington County Jail waiting to appear in Marietta Municipal Court.

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