America in Bloom Visits Belpre

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The spotlight shines on Belpre for the next few days.

Two America in Bloom judges are here in Belpre today and tomorrow touring the town.

They are touring 28 towns across the United States, looking for the best quality of life in American cities.

The judges visited many places today learn about the environmental awareness, urban forestry, heritage preservation and gardens.

This is the second year Belpre is participating in the program, hoping to receive the prestigious America in Bloom national award.

Leslie Pittenger organized the whole event and it very proud of the town.

Judge Evelyn Alemanni said she was very impressed with what she has seen so far.

"I think the fact, ya know what impressed me the most is that the Belpre in Bloom people walked every street in this town to deliver door hangers to people. To let them know about the program and how they can participate, and let them know when we are coming so that they can mow their lawns and have their property looking nice. That really impressed me, what an effort," said Evelyn Alemanni, America in Bloom Judge.

Belpre is scored in six different categories against four other communities of their size.

Pittenger says there are many events happening tomorrow (Friday) all around the city and everyone is welcome. She says to call the Chamber of Commerce for details.

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