American Queen Arrives Tomorrow

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It's the largest steamboat ever built and it is coming to Marietta tomorrow.

"Well the American Queen is the largest steam boat ever built. It's operates on the Mississippi, the Ohio the Tennessee rivers and a number of other rivers," said Casey Knowlton, Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator for the Washington County Convention and Visitor Bureau.

The American Queen will be docking at the levee right next to the Lafayette Hotel tomorrow morning at 8AM and staying till 5PM.

"It was built in 1995. It's been traveling these water ways for a number of years now, and Marietta is a pretty regular stop on their trip. This is the first of three stops this year," said Knowlton.

All morning crews have been cleaning and getting ready for it's arrival.

"This morning the fire department and the public facilities department got the levee ramp ready for the American Queen's arrival tomorrow morning. We just wash down the ramp, make sure there was no mud or debris on it. The public facilities also make sure the poles are out of the way for the bike path so we can facilitate truck traffic down in for the queen when needed. We just prepared everything down at the levee so it was ready for her arrival in the morning" said Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau says there are around 400 passengers on board who will get off and tour the local shops restaurants and museums.

"(The cruise ship passengers will visit) the different sites around town as well as some special opportunities such as going to the Wild's this year and or taking a cooking demonstration at the cook shop," said Knowlton.

Even with the construction on the crosswalks in downtown Marietta going on, City Councilman at Large, in charge of Land, Parks and Buildings Harley Noland says traffic shouldn't be two much of a problem. He will be running the trolley for the passengers tomorrow from 8:30AM to 2:30PM.

"There will be three motor coaches, two motor coaches and the trolly running around and as long as we have that one lane open there will be no problem cause we are dropping people at the armory square sight and then back down by the boat," said Councilman Noland.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau says unfortunately the public cannot go inside the steamboat but just coming down to Front Street to see it is a treat in itself.

"Unfortunately, per Coast Guard regulations, they do not allow people to admit to the boat without a proper boarding pass. However bring your cooler, sit along the river banks, stop and grab a lunch or just relax and listen the the calliope play all day," said Knowlton.

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