The American Queen's Final Stop in Marietta

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The American Queen stopped in Marietta today for the last time this summer.

Today the steamboat stayed from 8:00 A.M. until around 1:00 P.M.

The American Queen was traveling in the opposite direction today, to Cincinnati next, instead of towards Pittsburgh.

Passengers were able to get off and enjoy the city's downtown.

The Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau has been downtown handing out maps and directing people all three times the boat has come to Marietta.

"We have just tried to welcome all the passengers. Have them come off and have a friendly face to greet them into town, and then give them directions, give them maps, different materials to help them see Marietta for the best they can," said Casey Knowlton, Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator for the Washington County Convention and Visitor Bureau.

Knowlton says the American Queen visits have really helped the downtown businesses however they won't know exactly how much until some of the figures are added up.

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