American Queen In Marietta

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It's the biggest steam boat ever built and it was in Marietta all day Tuesday.

Around 350 passengers were on the American Queen Tuesday when it docked at the levee right outside the Lafette hotel from 8AM to 5PM.

This was Jim and Marianne Moete's first time on the American Queen and they said it is a fantastic experience.

"Wonderful, I'd recommend this to anyone," said Marianne Moete, from Ironton, Ohio.

"We are going to see the sights. The people up here are super people too. They are very nice people and a beautiful town. We are just enjoying the museums and things," said Jim Moete, from Ironton, Ohio.

Marianne says this is a unbelievable trip from boat itself, to the staff on board.

"Our first trip was on the Delta Queen and I thought, it is a beautiful historic boat but this one, there is no comparison. The furniture is beautiful, the staff are just excellent," said Marianne.

People came from all over to see the American Queen. Dell and Alf Nicholas are from Marietta and have been passengers on the boat before.

"We were regular queen travelers. We did most of the Mississippi River except for one small part, the Columbia River, the Colombian Snake River, when the Delta Queen company was still in business and we love the queens," said Dell Nicholas.

They were hoping to get on to see their old stomping grounds. Unfortunately, that wasn't allowed but they still reminisced about how wonderful the steamboat trip really was.

"Oh i think it's the quietness and the slow movement, and the ambiance, a real nice way to travel," said Dell Nicholas.

The levee was packed all day with passengers and local residents enjoying the nice weather and impressive American Queen.

The American Queen will be back in Marietta on August 8th and 12th.

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