An Early Start On New Year's Resolutions

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Ahead of the ball drop, some people are getting an early start to their new years resolutions, by hitting the weights and cardio.

Gym members broke a sweat Saturday at the YMCA and Family Fitness Center in Parkersburg.

Although fitness experts say it's great to start on your resolution now, it's another challenge to maintain that focus once the new year begins.

"Keep healthy, keep fit and eat well," says Geilad Elchaar.

"Get in better shape, just be healthy all around is more about being healthy than how I look," added Pam Ferrell.

"One of the key things to ensure that you keep your New Year's resolution is to make sure you have a strong support system, people in your life who are going to help you focus on that goal," replied Family Fitness Center Exercise Specialist, Sabrina Congo."

Finding your source of motivation will keep you on track to achieving your new year's goals.

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